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Wipro 3 Sample C Basics Interview Questions

During Wipro interviews, you can expect few questions touching the basics of C. These may not be difficult, but would require a good understanding of the basics. Let us discuss 3 sample questions which can help during your interviews.

Interview Question 1

Tell one good programming requirement that illustrates the fact that C is a strongly typed language ?

Answer 1

C involves variable declarations before their usage. This makes it clear that C is strongly typed.

Interview Question 2

Consider a weather report application in C where any change in temperature by +- 2 degrees will be constantly reported to the system and the application should store the times of the day when these changes took place. Which is a better data structure to be used in this scenario - an array or a linked list ?

Answer 2

Linked List would handle dynamically growing data very well when compared to arrays. Hence it would be a better choice.

Interview Question 3

Can one use arrays to implement stacks or queues over linked lists ? Is it feasible ?

Answer 3

Thought linked lists are commonly used for implementing stacks or queues, with good programming logic, arrays can also be used to implement those. However, as you would expect, linked lists are far more efficient in this scenario.

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