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Tech Mahindra Sample Aptitude Questions

Below are few sample aptitude questions of the difficulty level that can be expected on Tech Mahindra's placement tests/ interviews.

Placement Question 1

Consider a group of working men. If 1/10th of the workers are absent then work of each person would be increased by.
a. 20% b. 22.22% c. 10% d. 11.11%

Answer 1

Answer is d. 11.11%

Let us assume 100 units of work is divided among 10 men.

When no one is absent, each member have to do 100/10 = 10 units of the work

With 1/10th of men absent, there would be 9 men present.

Now, if 100 units of work is to be done by the 9 men present, each should do 100/9 units of work.

Extra work required from each member when only 9 men are present = 100/9 - 10 = 10/9 units.

Percentage of increase of work for each member = (Extra work required from each member when only 9 men are present)/ (Original amount of work when everyone is present) X 100 % = ((10/9)/10)X 100% = 11.11%

Placement Question 2

Consider the following statements,

All members of team A are good tall guys with an average height of 6 feet.

Average of the height of members of team B is lesser than that of team A.

Which could be true among the below options.

a) Every member of team B is shorter than each member of team A.

b) Few members of team B could be over 6 feet.

Answer 2

Answer is Option b) Few members of team B could be over 6 feet.

Reason : The statement says that there is a possibility that few members of team B can actually be taller than few members of team A.

Placement Question 3

John is supposed to walk from his house to park every morning. One morning, he is in real hurry and wants to save at least 1/3rd of the time. By how much percentage he should increase his speed.

a. 100% b. 33% c. 66% d. 50%

Answer 3

Answer is d. 50%

Let the distance between his house and park be 100 metres.

Lets assume he takes 30 mins daily. Hence his speed would be 100/30.

One day, if he wishes to save 1/3rd of 30 minutes, that is 10 minutes, he should cover the distance in 20 minutes in which case his speed would be 100/20.

Required increment in speed = 100/20 - 100/30

Percentage of increase in speed = (Required increment in speed / Original speed) X 100 % = ((100/20 - 100/30) / 100/30 )X100 % = 50%.

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