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TechMahindra Practice Inequalities Problems

Dear Reader, Below are 3 problems pertaining to inequalities.

Question 1

Tech Mahindra Sample Ratios Questions

Dear Reader, Below are 3 ratios (proportions) based questions. In each of the question, you have to find the asked quantity (value) by working out the ratios and other data.

Question 1

TechMahindra Logical Aptitude Questions For Practice

Dear Reader,
Below are three easy aptitude questions. They are not from any specific mathematics section, but are simple questions requiring logical thinking. Solving these questions is easy if you understand the questions well.

Question 1

3 Questions To Practice For Tech Mahindra

Below are three conventional questions from areas and volumes. Conventional questions from areas and volumes can help you with your practice for placement papers of companies like Tech Mahindra. Though the below questions have been tagged under Tech Mahindra, similar questions can be expected in other placement papers too.

Question 1

3 Tech Mahindra Sample Reasoning Questions

Dear Reader, In Tech Mahindra's placement tests you can expect reasoning questions of the type given below.These questions may appear confusing but with a closer look and observation these are amongst the easiest. By constant practice you can become familiar which will help you to answer these questions well.

Tech Mahindra Type 4 Easy Questions

Dear Reader, while one can expect a lot of questions to answer in short time in Tech Mahindra papers. These might not be difficult to answer, but by practicing well and knowing important formulas, you can be really fast while solving. Below are four sample questions for your practice.

Question 1

Tech Mahindra Sample Aptitude Questions

Below are few sample aptitude questions of the difficulty level that can be expected on Tech Mahindra's placement tests/ interviews.

Placement Question 1

Consider a group of working men. If 1/10th of the workers are absent then work of each person would be increased by.
a. 20% b. 22.22% c. 10% d. 11.11%

Answer 1

Answer is d. 11.11%

Tech Mahindra 3 Sample Questions

Dear Reader,

Below are three useful aptitude questions that can help you to prepare for Tech Manhindra placement tests. Questions can be considered to be moderately difficult but straight word without puzzle type questions.