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Network Topology Based Interview Questions

Dear Reader, In most interviews like those of Wipro,TCS etc, you can expect few basic questions from network topologies. Below are few questions for your practice.

Note: A 'Node' refers to a device in network, usually a computer.

Question 1

Can you name any three commonly used network topologies in LAN and other networks?

Answer :

Ring, Tree and Bus are names of some of the most common network topologies.

Question 2

Consider a 'Tree' network where one root R is connected to two nodes N1 and N2. Let N1 be connected to nodes N1A and N1B and let N2 be connected to nodes N2A and N2B. Can you explain any major drawback associated with the described type of network.

Answer :

Consider for example, N1 fails. Since it is a tree network, the lower level nodes N1A and N1B will get disconnected from the network. Hence, failing of any one parent will cause all its lower level nodes and their child's to fail as well.

Question 3

For a given number of nodes, which among Mesh and Bus topologies would be expensive to set up? Explain with reason.

Answer :

Mesh topology would generally be more expensive to set up than Bus topology. In Mesh, all nodes are connected to each other. This would add enormously number of links between nodes. This is not the case with Bus topology.

Question 4

For a very critical application without cost restrictions, if you were asked to choose between Mesh and Tree topologies, which you would choose?

Answer :

The choice would be Mesh. Inspite of high costs involved, every node will be connected to every other. A failed node will no way affect communications between other nodes. This is not the case with Tree. Hence, for high critical applications without cost restrictions, Mesh would suit better.

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