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Infosys Type Solved Verbal Questions

Below are few Infosys type sample verbal questions. These questions require you to fill in the given sentence with
appropriate word from the given options. These types of questions can also be expected in placement papers of several other companies like CTS, TCS, Wipro etc. In fact, any company which has verbal section, generally has at least five to ten questions of the below type.

Placement Question 1 :

Hard work --------- with smart preparation can help a long way in passing your exams.

a) Coupled b) Attached c) Adjoined with d) None

Answer: a) Coupled
Explanation & Inference: Coupled is the work that fits well the given blank. Though "attached" and "adjoined with" look almost similar, you could easily make out that "Coupled" is the correct answer by reading the sentence filled with each of the options.

Placement Question 2 :

The anti riot force was asked not to resort to lathi charge but to -------- restraint till a final command.
a) Exercise b) Commit c) Undertake d) None

Answer: a) Exercise
Explanation & Inference: This question is a much simpler one when compared to the first question. Other than the word "Exercise" all the other words can potentially alter the meaning of the sentence.

Placement Question 3 :

-------- of parents is a most important factor when deciding partner in Indian weddings.
a) Agreement b) Consent c) Selection d) None
Answer : b) Consent
Explanation & Interference:
Consent is the correct answer. "Consent" gives the apt meaning for the sentence. "Agreement" is a formal term while "Selection" should not have followed by "of" (instead "by" should had come).

Placement Question : 4

Ramu is a ------ singer.
a) Skilled b) Bright c) Clever d) None
Answer: a) Skilled.
Explanation & Interference: Bright and Clever do not fit well for the context of the sentence.

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