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Why You Should Be Brief During Interviews ?


Dear Reader, Most of you would be preparing with your hearts out for placement tests and interviews. But preparing in depth doesn't mean you should always be too elaborate when asked questions during interviews. This rule applies to both tech and aptitude questions as well as personal questions like 'tell me about yourself' fired upon you.

Why you should not drag your answers over time ?

Interviewers are amongst the busiest people in the world literally burning out more calories in unit time than a top athlete would do. Yes they absolutely have very limited time and are in terrific hurry! This directly correlates that your answer should correlate to the situation your interviewers are put into. Yes, be precise and brief and don't drag answers more than required. Be reasonably brief and answer what is required exactly. If a question really requires 10 minutes to answer, you should take it. But if a question requires only 2 minutes to answer and if you are going to elaborate it to 10 minutes then your interviewer could get into sleep mode.

What if your interviewer is a super cool person ?

It also happens that some interviewers get all the time in earth to pose questions to you and listen to you too very patiently to an extent that you begin to doubt if they are really professional ! (especially when you think of them as super busy people after reading the previous para).

If you happen to face these kind of people in the panel, you can be little relaxed, but never drag your answers beyond required. You should still be precise but you can answer in steps i.e start with a brief answer without getting into details. If the interviewer expects more, start over again explaining some details into the answer. If he watches you patiently expecting more, get more detailed and so on. This stepped approach will add a completeness to your answer regardless of the step you are asked to stop your answer on account of next question being fired upon you.

Actually the stepped approach discussed above can help you in any interview regardless of the cool or super busy interviewer you are facing.

Why super enthusiastic detailed answers can land you in trouble ?

There is another important reason for why you should not be super detailed as you would do in your semester exam filling 4 pages for 2 mark questions. Yes, being super detailed creates an interesting situation for interviewer to ask toughest of tough questions derived from your answers. If you still continue your 4 page for 2 marks approach, he will continue his 'inception' approach of getting down layer by layer till an extent you are in deepest trouble where time doesn't move at all (you will appreciate if you had watched inception movie, won't you!)

Final Thoughts

This article is not to detail you from answering or to give you an excuse for not having answered at all! Yes, this article just advices you not to drag answers, but certainly wants you to answer precisely what is required. For example, if the question is to explain computer architecture and you are super brief saying that a computer has CPU, Keyboard and monitor and start starring at your interviewer, then this article is not for you!

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