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Tips To Avoid Stress Before Interview


Dear Reader, Freshers often face the heat and anxiety upon receiving interview calls. Some of the questions that arise in students mind include "what will be the questions?","how to present myself before interviewer without getting nervous?" etc. These questions when left uncontrolled can do more harm than good and could potentially raise your stress levels.

Now let us get into 4 important tips to combat interview stress :

1) Being Well Prepared Is The Single Best Weapon

The simplest and the most powerful way to tackle interview stress is to be extremely well prepared. You will have to give your 200% in preparing for the interviews. Most of you would spend your time on preparing technical and mainstream subject areas, it is also important to research about and study important things about the company that has called you.

2) Practice To Present Yourself Well

The interview is not only about the stuff you know, but about how you present yourself before the panel. You can conduct self-mock interview by standing before mirror, you can try to answer common questions like 'telling about yourself' etc. You should be careful in tuning your pause timings in between passages so that the person before you can understand without any difficulties.

3) Be Optimistic

Being optimistic is an important and essential weapon which requires least justification. In case you haven't performed well in your academics or your past interviews, this is not the best time to think about them. Believe that you are a new person who is going to attend your first interview with all positive mindset.

4) Be Yourself

At any cost you should not let your role model (be it your senior/friend) to dominate your way of answering and presentation in the interview. Just be yourself and this would surely raise your confidence levels. As you know confidence is inversely proportional to stress.

5) Other Simple Techniques

Other simple techniques include breathing exercises, eating well, sleeping well (especially before the day of the interview) etc.

Hope you found the above tips useful.

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