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Know Why A Company Is Hiring You


Dear Reader, today we are going to discuss a fact that is often overlooked. This fact is especially useful in interviews and can actually give you an added advantage over others if used well. Yes, we are going to discuss the importance of knowing why exactly a company is planning to hire you.

What could be so secret about a company's intentions regarding hiring ?

When seen superficially there could be no reason to investigate why at all a company is hiring. After all, it needs workforce for new projects to make up for attrition. If you think so, you are missing something.

What you are missing ?

There could be specific reasons attached to a company's hiring plans. For example a company could hire on lines with earlier assumptions on the number of new projects on any particular sector say banking. Another company could hire just to train youngsters on new evolving technologies. One company might look for bright talent who would be potentially more productive and could help their bit in helping the company to tackle any kind of slowdown. Some companies could hire just not to lose bright talent to some other company etc.

Why you should know the reason ?

By knowing or atleast getting a clue of why a company is hiring, you could project your answers and attitude in a direction that would best suit your employer. For example, if you are being interviewed for a company facing a slowdown, your body language should speak of your maturity and calmness in dealing with potentially hostile deadlines in future.

How to know the reason ?

This can be done to a great extent by doing your homework right. Before attending a interview, try to collect and read recently published press releases of the company, related business news items etc on net, newspapers etc. This can give a fair idea of what the company could expect of the new talent.

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