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Important Skills That Resumes Don't Cover


Dear Reader, Most youngsters feel that resume is sufficient enough to express/display their skills during recruitment. But in reality, they might be not enough to express all your skills. Yes there are skills which you may not be able to put up on a A4 paper in the form of resume. Interviewers generally intend to know your soft skills like personal traits,communication skills,social graces,personal habits,etc. Let us discuss three important skills and best express/present them during interviews.

Organizational Skills :

Organizational skills show the interviewer the capability of an individual in handling workloads with optimized effort in doing job. Your answers to questions on final year projects, in plant training etc should give the interviewer the confidence that you are a team man who will contribute real value to projects.

Dressing/Presentation Skills :

Today's fortune 500 world requires you to be neatly dressed; requires you to present/express yourself well in interviews etc. You could portray your skills by the way you dress for interviews, by the way you carry your things including pen, files etc. This skill doesn't require any special effort from you but requires a decent and neat presentation.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills :

Your communication skills are well tested by the way you answer/convey your views to the interviewer. Your English fluency will be definitely tested (though not explicitly) as it is a basic requirement for communicating well. The interviewer will get a fair idea of your interpersonal skills by assessing the clarity of your communication and keen listening capabilities.

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