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How To Face Telephone Interview


Dear Reader, as you would be knowing some companies do conduct telephonic interviews prior to traditional one-to-one interview. This is true especially if the company is far off from your place.

In case you happen to face any telephonic interview in future, below are some tips to follow at the time of Telephone Interview :

Be Organized :
Be ready with things you need like pen, paper, etc. and be sure not to have any other appointments at the time of call. (Pen and paper are important because often you would be required to solve any problems, note down anything important the interviewer tells etc). During interview you should be fully focused and free of other thoughts/disturbances.In case the interviewer calls you unexpectedly at an unscheduled time when you are in middle of something, it is better to request him to call at some other convenient time.

Manage Background Cacophony:
Generally, telephonic interviews are not completely free of background noises and disturbances in telecommunication lines/equipment. Hence you should always pay keen attention to what the other person is telling. It is very important to lock yourself in a silent room before you get the call.

Be Short and precise with your answers:
While answering avoid long monologues, as monologues can harm the opportunities to interact efficiently with the interviewer. Answer only what is required in a precise and short manner that could be easily understood. Your voice should be healthy and bold enough to give an impression that you are a calm and confident person.

Ask intelligent questions :
Generally interviewers like you to be interactive and ask questions to them. Questions can be about the job profile, current projects/technologies, company's profile etc.

Hope this article helps its bit to your career goals.

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