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How To Explain Your Project During Interviews


Dear Reader, Generally during interviews you would be asked to explain one or two of your major/mini projects that you would had done during your college days. This actually is a very important question, not because of the content or technical details involved, but because it can clearly give insights about your capability to work in a team, capability to understand concepts and to practically implement the same etc.

Why you should not be too technical ?

The question about your project should not be seen as your exam question, where you will draw a diagram and write a long (or prolonged essay to fill pages :)) monologue which only technically super sound people can appreciate. But interviewers are generally not well versed in all of the technologies or concepts the engineering students are aware. For instance, they might know what is CDMA but may not know in depth how it aids noise reduction. Again for example, they might know VLSI concepts buy may not know how to use VLSI software to implement and simulate.

Shouldn't You Be Technical At All ?

Not being too technical doesn't mean your answer should be vague/superficial. You will have to give necessary technical points that average tech person would understand.

Is there an exception ?

Yes, in case if you find your interviewer a master in your area of project work, there is absolutely no harm in explaining in detail.

What Other Aspects You Should Cover ?

Explaining your contribution to the project is equally important as explaining project itself. This will clearly portray your understanding clarity of your part/module, your ability to work efficiently in a team etc.

Hope you found the above article useful.

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