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CTS Verbal Placement Questions With Answers Sample

CTS generally gives due importance to verbal section. There could be different types of questions starting from picking the correct synonym to finding odd man out. Below are few sample CTS type sample placement questions.

Placement Question 1:

The chief guest's lecture at the auditorium was "blasphemous" considering the topic given to him. What does "blasphemous" in the context of the given sentence.

a) Great
b) Fitting
c) Irrelevant
d) Deviating

Answer: c) Irrelevant
Explanation and Inference: These types of questions are quite common in CTS papers. Only way to tackle these is to develop your vocabulary. Also you need to be watchful to pick the correct word according to the context of the given sentence.

Placement Question 2:

Find the fitting word: Acquit : convict :: Adhere : --------

a) Detach
b) Differ
c) Remove
d) None

Answer: a) Detach
Explanation and Inference: "Convict" is the straightforward antonym for "Acquit". In the same sense the straight opposite to "Adhere" should be "Detach" which is more convincing than the other options.

Placement Question 3:

Pick the odd man out: a) affiliation, b) partnership, c) dissociation, d) joint venture

Answer: c) dissociation
Explanation and Inference:
Affiliation, Partnership and Joint Venture are terms commonly used when businesses join hands to promote each other's products. "Dissociation" is obviously the odd man out based on the context.

Placement Question 4:

Choose the correct antonym for the word "Abstruse" from the given options:
a) Doubtful b) Obvious c) Truthful d) None

Answer: b) Obvious.

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