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Campus Placement Papers of Wipro - Sample Technical Questions

Campus Placement Questions Of Wipro

Below are few sample questions compiled on the basis of latest recruitment papers of the company. These are technical questions and have been solved for you. You can expect questions of similar nature in the placement tests.

Expansion of CDMA ?

a) Code Division Multiple Access
b) Cell Data Multiple Access
c) Code Data Multiple Access
d) None of the above.


The above aptitude question is from communication systems. However this question is a basic one which
everyone should remember. The answer is a)Code Division Multiple Access. You could expect similar
questions like expansion of GSM, GPS etc in wipro placement papers.

Which of the following layers are not in TCP / IP?

a) Application Layer
b) Network Layer
c) Bridging Layer
d) Data Link Layer


Answer is c) Bridging Layer. You can always expect one or two questions from computer networks in
Wipro papers.

What will printf(++i) in C will do?

a) Print i and then increment i by 1
b) Increment i by 1 and then print i
c) Print i and then increment i by i
d) Increment i by i and then print i

This is one common question which you can expect in Wipro Papers. These kinds of questions dealing with
basics of C statements are common in other company placemente papers as well. This includes TCS,
Accenture, HCL, HP etc.

What is the function of assembler?

a) Converts assembly to binary code
b) Converts high level language code into assembly code
c) Interprets and executes assembly code
d) Noe of the above

Answer a) Assembly to binary code

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