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Accenture Sample Interview Questions - 4 Questions

Below are four sample accenture type technical interview questions with answers. To be successful in accenture interviews, you need to stay well prepared in basic programming concepts including C. OOPS, OS related concepts etc.

Interview Question 1

What is the difference between strcmp and strncmp functions in C ?


strcmp function compares two given strings till their entire lengths. But strncmp compares only the specified n characters of the strings from the start.

Interview Question 2

Write a single statement that can interchange values of two variables without utilizing a third variable.


Let us consider two variables a and b. Then one of the solutions is a = (a + b) - (b = a);

Interview Question 3

In C, arrays can be passed by reference. State True or False.


Yes, it is true, arrays are passed by reference (Though individual or group of elements of the array can be passed by value/values as well.)

Interview Question 4

Name the function which takes two strings as arguments and copies the second string into the character array of the first string. After this the function returns the value of the first string.


strcpy is the answer.

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