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4 Wipro Sample Verbal & Apptitude Questions Solved

Below are 4 sample questions from aptitude and verbal closely resembling wipro questions. Generally the level of difficulty can be matched to that of TCS papers. However at times the technical questions can get difficult. (In this article we are going to discuss on quans and verbal questions.)

Placement Question I

A bacteria doubles itself each single day. It totally takes 15 days for the bacteria to fill a test tube. Find an approximate number of days for the bacteria to fill 1/3 of the jar.

Though the question looks like a tough one, it is actually a simple question. If it takes 15 days for the bacteria to fill the entire test tube, on 14th day it would had filled half of the tube, on 13th day it would had filled a quarter of the tube and so on. Now 1/3th comes somewhere in middle between quarter and half filling of the tube. Hence the bacteria would need somewhere between 13 to 14 days to fill 1/3th of the jar.

Placement Question II

Pick the odd man out from the following : a) elation b) frenzy c) enthusiasm d) despair

"despair" would be the obvious answer. All the other options are synonyms with ecstasy while despair is a clear antonym of ecstasy.You should have reasonably good vocabulary to tackle any placement question of this kind.

Placement Question III

Ram travels by car from city A to city B heading towards north in 4 hours. From there he travels west to City C in 3 hours. Say his average speed is same during both the courses. Now from C he travels back to A in shortest path possible. How much time he would had taken to reach A from C.

Again this is a very simple question which appears difficult. The entire course of Ram takes the form of a right angled triangle. Hence the time taken for him to travel back to A would be sqrt(3^2 + 4^2) = sqrt(25) = 5 hours.

Placement Question IV

This question is for you to try yourselves. Find the odd man out from the following. a) perplexed b) baffled c) focused d) bewildered

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