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4 TCS Type Odd Man Out Questions

One can expect "odd man out" type questions in quantitative aptitude and verbal sections of TCS placement papers. In case of quantitative aptitude, each of these questions would carry around four options out of which three would be related technically. One would be irrelevant compared to the rest of the members in the group. Being strong in basics of C, OS, Networks etc, you should be able to crack these questions quite easily.

Below you can find 4 odd man out type questions.

Placement Question 1

Pick the odd man out.
a) RAM b) Flash Memory c) Hard Disc d) Floppy


Option a) RAM. RAM or Random Access Memory is volatile while all the other options are non volatile.

Placement Question 2

Pick the odd man out
a) LLC Layer b) Application Layer c) MAC Layer d) Data Link Layer


Option b) Application Layer. LLC and MAC are sub layers of Data Link Layer. Hence those three are closely related while Application Layer stands out.

Placement Question 3

Pick the odd man out
a) Preprocessor b) Header File c) Macros d) Compiler


Option d) Compiler. Preprocessor commands can be issued to include Header Files and Macros even before compilation. Hence Preprocessor, Header File and Macros can be treated to be closely related.

Placement Question 4

Pick The Odd Man Out
a) JAVA b) Structures c) Unions d) C++


Option a) JAVA. JAVA does not contain Structures or Unions whereas C++ contains both. Hence C++, Structures and Unions are closely related.

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