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4 J2EE Questions To Prepare For Technical Interviews

Dear Reader,
Below are given technical questions for your preparation.

Question 1

JSP files can be found in

a) application client module

b) enterprise JavaBeans module

c) web module

d) resource adapter module

Answer : c) web module

Question 2

File holding generic libraries of java classes, resources, auxiliary files etc. is called as

a) Jar files

b) Ear files

c) War files

d) Rar files

Answer : a) Jar files

Question 3

JSF stands for

a) Java Servlet Faces

b) Java Server Faces

c) Java Servlet Float

d) Java Server Float

Answer : b) Java Server Faces

Question 4

Expansion for HQL is

a) High Query Language

b) Hiber Query Language

c) Higher Query Language

d) Hibernate Query Language

Answer : d) Hibernate Query Language

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