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3 IBM Sample Technical Interview Questions

During IBM technical interviews, you can expect simple technical questions dealing with concepts from OS, Databases etc. A good and basic understanding should help you in answering these questions well. Below are three sample questions.

Interview Question 1

Can you tell advantages of RDBMS over simple custom DBMS ?

Answer 1

Any data storage in any manageable structure can be called a DBMS. But, it is the responsibility of the programmer to maintain the data integrity and to take care of constraints. But on RDBMS, the system takes care of almost all of the data integrity requirements. Hence, the programmer could focus more on business logic rather than worrying about data integrity much.

Interview Question 2

Which is the layer of an Operating System that takes care of the system resource usage at the lowest level ?

Answer 2

Answer is Kernel Layer.

Interview Question 3

Can you tell any two advantages of stored procedures ?

Answer 3

Stored procedures can replace complex program segments requiring extensive SQL statements being executed from the code, hence they can make the application more manageable. Another advantage is that the usage of stored procedures can significantly reduce the network and bandwidth usage. This is because of the reduction in the number of requests and responses between business layer and database layer.

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