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3 HCL Sample Tech Interview Questions

Dear CareersValley Reader,

For HCL interviews, its good to stay prepared on expected areas like OS concepts, C programming concepts, OOPS, networking etc. Below we can discuss three sample tech interview questions.

Interview Question 1

What is the technical term used to denote the problem of a program failing to release the consumed memory back to other programs ?

Answer 1

Memory Leakage is the technical term used to denote the problem in question.

Interview Question 2

Can you tell the primary difference between two static and dynamic testing methods ?

Answer 2

Static testing is basically a passive testing when program is not run. One may check algorithm, program logic etc. Dynamic testing is done by executing the program for different inputs.

Interview Question 3

Name any two implementations of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

Answer 3

Waterfall model and prototyping can be considered as few real time implementations of SDLC.

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